Concentrating on my AP Concentration

For the most of this year I will be working on my AP art portfolio, and one of the hardest parts to decide is my concentration. For those of you who don’t know what a concentration is, it is 12 art pieces focused on a certain theme, medium, subject, style, or color pallet. I have a lot of options so it should’t be that hard right?

Wrong. It’s really hard.

An AP art concentration is graded on quality, cohesiveness, and most importantly your ideas. Not all ideas will merit a good score. For example a concentration centered around “cats” and “color” may receive a lower score as it doesn’t involve much creativity. To get the “legendary 6” the concentration must be different. Unfortunately, the AP art portfolio submission has existed for a very long time, and many of the good ideas have been exhausted. I spent most of my summer brainstorming concentration ideas, filling my sketchbook up with possible ideas.  I still haven’t settled on a concentration idea. A week ago my AP art teacher assigned a concentration piece to be due, so I had to decide on an idea, and fast. I decided to draw my fist piece about soul mates.


This piece involves a hand reaching downward, with the red string of fate dangling from the pinky finger. The red string of fate is based on an asian myth that myth that the gods tie an invisible red string around each persons’ little finger. The other side of the red string is tied to the persons’ soulmate. I stumbled on the topic of the red string of fate browsing random posts on deviantart. Since my AP art teacher is completely obsessed with everything related to “culture” I decided to go with it for my first piece.